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Puzzle #1

After reading Fahrenheit 451, Andy wants to truly evaluate the psychology of the character Mildred, and wants to know how many sleeping pills she really did take. Andy reasons that the "snake operators" probably charge about $60 per hour for operating the snake, and about a $10 flat rate for operating the other machine. The rate at which the snake can suck out bodily fluids is proportional to the amount it has already sucked out, (after 5 minutes have passed) and each sleeping pill adds an additional 20 seconds to the snake's task. If Mildred weighs 110 pounds, and 70% of her body is composed of liquids, (with the same average density as water) and if 1L has been sucked out after 5 minutes and 2L after 10 minutes, how many sleeping pills did Mildred take?

Puzzle #2

Bob, after reading Don Quixote, decides that he wants to know how long exactly Don Quixote's adventures took. As such, he decides to make a calculation. He reasons that Don Quixote had 3 main adventures: the first, which ended with him being beat up and dragged back home, the second, in which he was accompanied by Sancho for the first time, and the third, about which Bob knows nothing, since his teacher told him that he only had to read the first 400 pages. Bob reasons that the third adventure took the longest, since there were a lot of pages left over, which was about twice as long as the first. In addition, Don Quixote was exactly half way done with his adventures on page 356, in an adventure 26 days longer than the adventure in which he first fought windmill-giants. If this adventure was one third as long as the other 2 combined, how long did all of Don Quixote's adventures take?

Puzzle #3

After reading the Godfather, Chris decides that he truly wants to cover the controversial issue of Don Corleone's age. He figures that Don Corleone came to America at age 9, 15 years before the birth of Sonny. At Sonny's death, Vito was twice as old as Fredo, who was 6 years younger than Michael was at Vito's death. If Michael was born 30 years after Vito came to America, when was Vito born? (Disregard any evidence found in the second and third books.)

Puzzle #4

After reading Fight Club, Dan wonders how hard it really would be to keep a Tyler-like alter ego who wanted to cut off his testicles at bay. He figures that the main character would need at least 6 hours of sleep per night to function well and at least 2 hours of sleep per night to survive. The actual amount of sleep he would get though is negligible--Tyler would be in control for all of those 6 and 2 hours. Dan reasons that Tyler would take 1 hour to get out of bed and prepare himself, 3 hours to set up a good trap for the main character and only 1 hour to set up a poorly planned trap for the main character. The main character would have a 75% chance of avoiding a poorly planned trap if he were functioning well and a 25% chance of avoiding it if not, while he would have a 50% chance of avoiding a good trap if he were functioning well and a 0% chance of avoiding it if not. Assuming that the main character takes the smartest course of action, what are the chances that he still has both testicles after a week? (He can only sleep once a day; i.e. he can't take 6 one-hour naps.)

Puzzle #5

Now that Andy, Bob, Chris, and Dan have solved their respective puzzles, Al, Bill, Carl, and Dale get so jealous of their newfound attention that they rise from the dead. To stop them, Andy, Bob, Chris, and Dan call on their favorite literary characters for help. They manage to gather Vito Corleone, Michael Corleone, Tyler Durden, the main character of Fight Club, Guy Montag, Clarisse McClellan, Don Quixote, and Sancho Panza. Each character will attack in a random predetermined order. These people make up 2 groups: zombies and non-zombies. Every character (except Don Quixote) will attack the character in the other group who is next up to attack. The zombies will bite the next character, making him or her also a zombie. Vito will call in a favor from a friend, giving the next non-zombie a free turn. Michael will kill the next zombie, then flee to Sicily, leaving the fight. Tyler will cut off the next zombie's testicles, making that zombie's attacks only half as effective as they were. The main character of Fight Club will make a random type of napalm (giving him a 2/3 chance of killing the next zombie.) Guy Montag will burn the next zombie, but he'll take a turn first to consider the moral consequences of his actions. Clarisse McClellan will befriend the next zombie, making him doubt himself and skipping his next turn. Don Quixote will see everybody as a zombie and kill one random character. Sancho Panza will restrain Don Quixote, skipping his next turn. Andy will have the answer to Puzzle #1 % chance of killing the next zombie, Bob will have the answer to Puzzle #2 % chance of killing the next zombie, Chris will have the answer to Puzzle #3 % chance of killing the next zombie, and Dan will have the answer to Puzzle #4 % chance of killing the next zombie. If all remaining characters are either dead or undead, the zombies win. If all remaining characters are either dead or alive, the non-zombies win. What are the chances that the non-zombies will win?